Someone spent six years remastering an unreleased Warcraft game

Someone spent six years remastering an unreleased Warcraft game

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Years ago, a never officially released warcraft point-and-click adventure game developed by Blizzard in the late 90s was leaked online. While the game was then fully playable, the cutscenes were low quality, highly compressed, not perfectly synced with the audio, and a few were even simply missing due to the leak. Now, after years of working on it, someone has remastered all the cutscenes, enhanced them and made it easier to experience this piece of video game history.

As noted by Indie Retro News and PC gamermud DerSilver83 recently released the completed 1.0 release of WACRP (Warcraft Adventures Cutscenes Remastered Project). The mod features 20 fully remastered cutscenes, including two that didn’t actually exist in the first leak, but later appeared through another DVD leak.

You can see an example of what this mod and its enhanced cutscenes look like in the video below:

DerSilver83 / Blizzard

According to the modder and the project’s website, a lot of work has gone into this release. Apparently DerSilver83 has manually removed all compression artifacts from all cutscenes. The modder also used Photoshop to redraw entire frames and assets frame by frame. Continuity issues have also been fixed and some new transition scenes have been recreated from scratch. All audio was also synced and everything now runs at the correct 12 fps.

All told, DerSilver83 says they’ve been working on this mod for about six years, and this latest 1.0 release marks the end of the project. They explained in a post on July 31 that they did everything they could in what they call a “reasonable time frame” and are happy with the end results.

“I want to remember this project as something fun before it turns into some kind of burden,” said DerSilver83 on the project site. “So this is it. The final release of my Cutscenes Remaster Project and I hope everyone who uses it can enjoy it as much as I do. I’ve always wanted to make a substantial mod for a game I love and I can finally saying I’ve achieved that (or at least tried).”

To actually play this you need to do some searching on the internet to find the correct files needed to play the full game, as this mod only contains the remastered cutscenes and nothing else.

In the meantime, you can read more about Warcraft: Lord of the Clans through this great story from our very own Luke Plunkett.

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