'Summer Camp Island' creator responds to HBO Max plan to delete series: 'pulled like we were nothing'

‘Summer Camp Island’ creator responds to HBO Max plan to delete series: ‘pulled like we were nothing’

Julia Pott, an animator who serves as the creator of “Summer Camp Island,” has expressed disappointment at HBO Max’s decision to remove the series from its library.

The streamer confirmed plans Wednesday night to remove “Summer Camp Island” and 35 other titles, including 19 other HBO Max originals, from the catalog.

“We worked for five years to make 100 animation episodes. We worked late into the night, we let ourselves go, we were a family of hard-working artists who wanted to make something beautiful, and HBO Max pulled them all like we were nothing,” Pott wrote. “Animation is not nothing!”

The streamer’s decision to remove “Summer Camp Island” from its library also raises the suggestion that the series’ sixth and final season may not be released at all. According to the language used by the series’ contributors, it appears that “Summer Camp Island” had completed much, if not all, of the production process behind the series’ final 20 episodes.

“We put…a lot of work into that,” wrote Ryan Pequin, who worked on the animated series. Pott shared Pequin’s tweet with her own followers.

“We’ve weathered the pandemic to create 20 linear episodes that are our finest work yet,” Pott continued in another tweet, noting that she would promise to explore options to release new episodes that have already been produced. . ‘I can’t wait for you to see them. YOU WILL SEE THEM! I will not rest!”

The news comes just over eight months after “Summer Camp Island” premiered all 15 episodes of its fifth season on the streamer in December 2021. The first two seasons of the series aired on Cartoon Network before migrating to HBO Max in December 2020. .

HBO Max has removed several titles in recent weeks, such as original HBO Max movies such as “The Witches”, “An American Pickle”, and “Moonshot”, as well as HBO TV shows such as “Camping”, “Vinyl” and “Run”. . By removing the titles from streaming, Warner Bros. Discovery save costs by avoiding less watched programs and thus saving on leftovers.

While it remains unclear exactly how far “Summer Camp Island” was in the sixth season production process, the situation resembles that of “Batgirl” and “Scoob!: Holiday Haunt,” two high-profile HBO Max movie productions that were murdered by Warner Bros. Discovery in the interest of reportedly a tax write-off, despite both projects nearing completion. Creative teams behind the projects projects have expressed their shock and disappointment at the situation.

“Summer Camp Island” comes from Cartoon Network Studios. Pott, Kent Osborne and Sam Register were the executive producers on the most recent season of the show.

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